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nice developments [Feb. 23rd, 2006|07:02 am]
Thinkgs are working out kinda well these days. We got an appointment with the sperm doctor dude for June 9th. This will be the initial consultation. Word is that we would start getting the goods in August and the lady said that within 3 months after that we should have a positive result, so to speak. We shall see. The timing for that is pretty good - we'd be good to go home for Christmas, and with a due date after the Winter semester, Becky wouldn't have to take a semester off from teaching. Not being tenured yet, that is certainly a concern. Gotta keep the department happy. I got an article published in Research in Higher Education, the second highest rated journal in the field. I also got a personal letter from the editor singing the praises of the submission and he also asked me to be a reviewer for the journal. Happiness flows from professional acceptance. Still can't get a fucking job from MUN, but that's their problem, not mine. I was asked to teach a second class for the summer and I thought that was going to keep me from being able to go down to Florida for May, but the class is a strange thing. Its taught in a 6-week summer session that doesn't start until June 26th so I will get to go down to the states as planned. In short, lots of good stuff these days.