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Its like a hurricane with blue skies - Newfoundhome LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Its like a hurricane with blue skies [Jan. 23rd, 2006|09:56 am]
I meant to leave the drudgery of weather reporting for Newfoundhome, but oh my, the wind here yesterday and today has just been unbelievable and I have to comment. Actually, the weather isn't really my comment, its more about the shabbiness of stuff in the US. 100 Km/h winds going on the second day now with gusts at like 120-140 km/h. I'm mightily impressed, let me tell you. I mean, it was so loud in our house last night Becky and I both slept with ear plugs in. We tried to change to the guest bedroom, but the wind was making the meter box outside the window vibrate and I couldn't sleep through that either. But, you know, its been blowing like all hell for over 24 hours and nothing has happened. Nothing has fallen, no power outages, trees aren't ripped up, shingles aren't flying around. If this had been back in the US, everything would have been flat a long time ago. There are no power lines down or street lights flying around hitting shit here and it makes me believe that all of the crap we go through along the southern atlantic and gulf coasts simply doesn't have to happen. Up here, the stuff is built to stay and take the beating and I guess down south, they just use inferior crap to do everything. Maybe its a conspiracy - a conspiracy of all the companies that make wire, cable, shingles, wood, roofing tacks, and vinyl siding. I think that the various trades are involved in this conspiracy as well - the contractors, obviously, the power companies for sure, and all the folks who make a dime off peeps who get their shit blown away every summer. Up here it doesn't happen. Now, I will grant that 100 Km/h is about 65 mph but the 120 - 140 km/h gusts are above hurricane strength (75-87 mph, respectively) but that is impressive and I tell you, this wind has been going on much longer and steadier than in a hurricane. And the thing is, it happens a lot - not just once a season, but like once or twice a month. Yesterday and today have been the worst so far since we've been up here though. Very impressive, I think mainly because the temperature of 26F. With the wind chill, that is really powerful. But, you know, things up here are just built to handle the circumstances and I think its crap that down home, things are not built better. We're going to keep having hurricanes, that is a given. So, why not build for strength like they do up here and then when the hurricanes do come, things aren't all that bad. Conspiracy, I tell you - the Haliburton of building materials. Hey lets have a war cause we need some more business....hey lets not build very well so that when the weather goes to shit, we can rebuild everything.

[User Picture]From: beckiemoriello
2006-01-23 03:22 pm (UTC)
Agreed mostly. I'm a little less on the conspiracy side though. I think it's more about immediate profits. It's easier to build something cheaper because then you have more customers. And customers don't demand high quality, possibly because they don't know about it.

My first roommate in Berlin once hosted an American exchange student. The program required her to have smoke detectors in her apartment. She thought that was the funniest thing ever. I'm like, why's that funny? They save lives. She'd never once heard of an apartment building catching fire. Not once! How can that be?? BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT MADE OF WOOD. They're expensive as fuck to build, but buildings in Europe stick around forever. Then I thought about it and it does seem silly to build a house out of something that will eventually decompose.
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