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I'm floored. [Feb. 19th, 2006|06:09 pm]
Okay, today and yesterday we've had the office torn apart. I put down laminate flooring in the room and now, I'm all done and we've put everything back. It looks lovely. Actually, there was laminate flooring down here already, but it was way ugly and they didn't put it down correctly. See, back before Christmas, I put laminate down in the workout room. This flooring is a lovely golden oak color that matches the hardwood upstairs. That made an awful clash with the flooring right next door in the office which was this cheap looking ugly dark brown crap that didn't match anything else in the house. So, when we bought the laminate for the workout room, we bought extra for the office. Now that its done, it makes such a fantastic difference. Things are looking right around this joint. No more home improvement for me till at least summer. I'm tired... and floored.